Use Box Frames For Personalised Gifts

If you want to give someone a truly thoughtful gift this Christmas you can make something perfect for them with a bit of imagination – and a box frame.

Box frames are perfect for showcasing something other than a photo – you might have mementos of a trip you took with your best friend, a treasured childhood toy of your brother’s, or an obsolete gadget that holds special memories.

Whatever it is, you can mount it in a deep box frame, along with any other decorations you feel suit the item or items.

If you’re worried about getting the perfect finish, see a framing specialist for help with sourcing the best box frames in London and mounting your memorabilia correctly.

There are hundreds of ideas on Pinterest and similar websites, so if you’re struggling to work out how best to show off a particular item, it never hurts to do a bit of searching to see if you can find some inspiration.

In fact, a personalised box frame could be a great option for any babies (and their parents) you have to buy for this year. We all know that kids get plenty of toys, so you could give them a personal piece of art for their room instead.

The Huffington Post highlighted a number of personalised gifts in their list of the top presents for babies this festive season, including personalised Christmas decorations and engraved silver spoons, but you could take this to the next level with a carefully created keepsake frame.

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