Photography Exhibition To Be Shown Barts Pathology Museum

Once you have found the best picture framers London has to offer for your collection, then make sure you make it to this unusual, and rare opportunity this summer.

Barts Pathology Museum is opening up to the public for a rare open day on August 8 and 22. Normally only open for events and for students and doctors, the opening of the Museum offers Londoners and pathology enthusiasts everywhere to get a sneak peak at some of the world’s most unusual and biomedically important pathology specimens.

Alongside this the Beautiful Corpse photograph exhibition will be shown, juxtaposing the scientific with the artistic, creating an unusual cultural spectacle unlikely to be seen again.

Mia-Jane Harris is the photographer behind the series of photographs, which show cadavers and the organs from dead bodies in a surprisingly ethereal light.

“I wanted to show people items from medical museums/collections that I didn’t think were appreciated the way that they should be. These museums hold collections of thousands of human cadaver sections and specimens that are used for scientific research and study.

“They are looked at every day to learn but people are so focused on what they are that they don’t notice how amazingly beautiful they are,” she says.

Ms Harris says she wanted to remove the scientific and educational surroundings of the objects in her photographs, to show how beautiful these objects were to her.

You can find out more about the exhibition via the Barts Pathology Museum website.

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