New Renaissance Exhibition Coming To National Gallery

Most people are familiar with the greats of the Renaissance art movement – Michelangelo, Raphael and, of course, Leonardo da Vinci. It’s rare that you get to see their works side by side and even rarer that you can do so for free.

But art lovers are bound to want to head to London in the coming months to see the free exhibition being hosted by the National Gallery.

Eight artworks from these three greats of the Renaissance era will be on show until 28 January, allowing you to have an opportunity to see their pieces alongside each other.

The Londonist revealed that among the works in this free exhibition are Raphael’s Madonna of the Pinks and da Vinci’s Madonna. There are also two unfinished Michelangelo paintings, as well as the marble tondo that’s currently on loan to the establishment from the Royal Academy of Arts.

And this is far from the only reason to pay a visit to the National Gallery in the coming months. In August, it announced that it had acquired The Fortress of Königstein from the North by Bellotto, one of the greats of 18th century art.

The piece had been due to be exported out of the UK but the National Gallery was able to purchase it due to a legacy from Mrs Madeline Swallow.

Paying a visit to any of the UK’s art galleries is a great way to not only appreciate the creativity of the human race, but also to seek inspiration on how to display works of art of all shapes and sizes. If you need help with picture frames in west London, contact us today.

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