How To Hang Silver Picture Frames

One of the best ways of making your house feel like a home is by hanging silver picture frames of all your friends and family. Putting your favourite memories on the wall is guaranteed to make you smile whenever you walk past them – and they make a great talking point when people come over as well.

But you might well find it harder than you thought to hang the pictures up once you’ve got them framed. If you don’t use the right nails, don’t have a spirit level, or don’t have proper walls you could struggle – and your pictures may even fall off the wall whenever you shut a door too hard!

You should always check that the plaster is sound before you start banging nails into the wall. Lightweight pictures and mirrors can be hung simply using a pin hook in the wall but you need to check the plaster first.

Consider the weight of what you’re hanging. If it’s especially heavy, you’ll need to use a screw fixing with a wall plug so you know the weight can be supported, in which case you’ll need a drill to make the holes you need.

If your walls are plasterboard, look out for the vertical timber studs as this would be better to hang your pictures up. You can locate these by tapping lightly on the wall – or you can buy a stud finder to get the job done quicker (and perhaps easier).

If you’re hanging something very light, you can use self-adhesive pads but don’t use these for anything heavy. And try to hang pictures up with the help of a friend as you’ll be able to tell if something is straight a lot easier!

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