British Museum Shares Plans For Revamp

The British Museum is set to undergo a few changes in the coming years, with the attraction unveiling its plans for a revamp running over the next ten years.

According to the Guardian, the plans include bringing the Reading Room back into use and making changes to its galleries to allow them to tell “more coherent and compelling stories”.

Hartwig Fischer, the museum’s director, made the announcement as the institution published its annual review, explaining how the changes to layout and other elements are all designed to improve the experience for visitors to the museum.

“We want a walk around our permanent collection to be a voyage of discovery and learning for all,” he asserted.

However, he added that the changes are still at a very early stage, with no official blueprint as to how these might look or be achieved laid out yet.

With the museum home to such a wide array of artefacts and antiquities, displaying everything appropriately is often a challenge. Of course, the museum has changed and evolved since it was first founded in the 18th century after Sir Hans Sloane bequeathed his collection of 71,000 objects to King George II.

The new plans are the next stage of its continuing evolution, with Mr Fischer noting that in today’s world it’s even more important that the museum can continue to “play its part in explaining the connectivity of cultures and our shared human identity”.

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